Vibrational Astrology Readings — Online or In Person


Vibrational Astrology Readings — Online or In Person

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Vibrational Astrology is a cutting-edge astrological system in which planets are interpreted through the wavelengths and frequencies they emit in harmonics.

Over the past four decades, Vibrational Astrologers have used controlled research studies to successfully decode what a person is cosmically “wired for”. These techniques will be applied during this session.

A transformational experience, this reading is likely to leave you in awe and clear of your place in the universe.

I’m a certified Vibrational Astrologer, earning a Professional Astrology Certificate (PAC) in January 2018 from the Avalon School of Astrology after years of tutelage under system founder David Cochrane.

I specialize in the following:

  • Natal Chart Interpretation (identifying singular strengths, talents, soul traits and abilities inherent at birth)

  • Forecasting (checking out transits and progressed charts to see how the moving planets impact day-to-day life, important plans and personal evolution)

  • Relocational Astrology (shows how you gel in different locales)

  • Solar Return Interpretation (a birthday-to-birthday forecast outlining important themes and critical dates)

  • Compatibility (analysis of the chemistry between you and another)

Please provide accurate birth information, preferably from a birth certificate, that includes your exact time of birth, date and location.

If you don’t have an accurate time of birth, consider other divinatory services, such as a Horary Astrology Reading, Tarot Reading or Shamanic Divination instead.

We can meet in person or over the Internet. Online sessions take place on the Zoom app, which requires no download. A link with our Zoom meeting information will be sent to you. All sessions require 24-hour advance notice.

If you’re an established client, meaning we’ve worked together before, you receive a discounted rate.

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PLEASE NOTE, There are two separate processes involved in booking an appointment: scheduling on the calendar and making a payment.

To schedule an appointment, scroll down to the bottom of the page, select the service you want and book your preferred time for the session.

To pay for your reading, select the type of session you want from the drop-down menu below, add it to the cart and check out.

After your appointment is booked on the calendar and payment is received in full, I'll get in touch via email.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact me, Clarissa, at

***Appointments booked without an accompanying payment will remain unconfirmed. To secure your session be sure to pay in full at least 24 hours ahead of the time scheduled, otherwise the appointment will be canceled.


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