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Psychopomp: n. a conductor of souls to the afterworld

"psychopomp." Merriam-Webster, 2017. Web. 15 May 2017.

Psychopomp is literally the act of helping dead souls get to where they need to be in the afterlife.

This service is for any person dealing with the strong presence of a spirit.

I will address the situation by making direct contact with the dead soul and attending to its needs.

Please Note: psychopomp work is performed for the health and well-being of all parties, including the dead soul.

If there is relevant information for the client who has asked to help the spirit, of course it will be passed on, but ultimately, this service is to assist a lost and/or suffering soul find its way. This applies to dead people and animals.

If you are looking to address matters of personal health or well-being, please consider a Shamanic Healing here.

If you are a first-time client and interested in requesting this service, please visit the Contact Page and submit an inquiry, or you can email me, Clarissa, here at

After an inquiry is submitted, I will contact you directly to set up a consultation to determine if I am the best healer for your needs. Should we prove compatible, an appointment will be scheduled.

If we have worked together before, you are an established client. Established clients are free to bypass the initial consultation, purchase the service below and contact me directly to book a time for the session.


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Read Clarissa's Healing Code of Ethics here; this applies to dead souls too.

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