Horary Astrology Report

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Horary Astrology Report


Important questions need important answers and Horary Astrology provides them in awe-inducing totality.

Benefit from the art of horary: an astrological Q&A technique developed over the ages.

With contributions from the earliest Babylonian astrologers thousands of years ago, to modern-day experts like Clarissa’s personal teachers, Robert Glasscock and Lee Lehman, this system of divination has staying power because it is mind-blowingly comprehensive and effective.

The whole purpose of the system is to answer clients’ real life questions. And no birth time is required either.

All you need to do to get answers is reach out by submitting a question using the form below or through directly emailing the inquiry to Clarissa, a certified horary astrologer, at ssidereal@gmail.com

The only requirement for your question is that it has never been asked before in a divinatory setting.

Multiple inquiries can be submitted at once, but please make sure you are invested in the question(s) personally; the subject of the inquiry must have a direct impact on your life.

The question submission is free.

If I can answer the question (the astrology determines this, not me), then I will contact you to generate a mini-report response that can range from 2-5 pages, depending on the complexity of the answer. If I can’t answer the question, I’ll still let you know that and tell you why. I’ll be in touch within 72 hours after your question submission either way.

The Horary Astrology Report fee is $75 with a turnaround of five business days after first contact.

THANK YOU!! I LOVE horary. Go ahead and ask me what you want!

All the best,

~Clarissa x

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