Vibrational Astrology 101: The Fundamentals Course - Live Classes Online

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Vibrational Astrology 101: The Fundamentals Course - Live Classes Online



Vibrational Astrology is a cutting-edge astrological system in which planets are interpreted through the wavelengths and frequencies they emit using harmonics.

Over the past four decades, Vibrational Astrology founder David Cochrane and his apprentices have used controlled research studies to successfully decode what a person is cosmically “wired for” through this advanced system of harmonic interpretation.

These techniques will be taught in this Vibrational Astrology 101: The Fundamentals Course by Clarissa Dolphin, a graduate of Cochrane’s apprenticeship program and an active VA researcher.

The goal of this intensive online series is to have each student comfortable with employing VA methods in their own chart interpretations upon completion of the class.

The course material:

  • Comprehensive Breakdown Using Well-researched Charts of Famous People as Examples of the Six Base Harmonics: 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13.

  • VA System Rules, Methodology, Interpretive Application - How to Read Charts Using VA

  • Expressions of Planets in VA

  • The Zodiac Signs in VA and How They’re Used

  • The History of VA  

  • The Philosophical Framework of VA

  • This course is NOT math- or science-heavy, but we will explore VA’s Direct Connection to Physics (String Theory, Fractals, etc.) & Locating Harmonics in the Natal Chart

The course logistics:

  • The course fee is $350

  • An intensive 10-week series of live online webinar-style classes occurring every Sunday beginning September 20, 2020 and ending on November 22, 2020.

  • Two-hour classes held online on the Internet via webinar from 1:00PM-3:00PM PST

  • An intimate class size of 25 students maximum, with opportunities to workshop example charts in each class.

  • Every class will be recorded for later viewing.

  • No formal quizzes or assignments; includes suggested exercises and worksheets for practice.

  • Tutor is available via email for any questions at any time throughout the course.

  • Optional individual hourlong one-on-one sessions (three meetings total) with the instructor and student are available once per month to review the material personally.

  • A full rundown of logistical details, such as the link to the live Internet sessions and recordings, will be emailed to students shortly before the course begins.

This course is designed for:

  • Astrologers looking to enhance their practice with Vibrational Astrology by gaining fluency in the harmonic interpretive techniques developed by David Cochrane.

  • Any inquisitive student of astrology who is interested in learning about this super cool and modern astrological system.

  • Vibrational Astrologers who are looking to sharpen their understanding of the system and base harmonics.

Course bonuses include:

  • Discount of $50 on Sirius Astrology Software gifted to students who enroll in this 10-week series

  • A discounted price on Linda Berry and David Cochrane’s book, Vibrational Astrology: Interpreting Aspects


  • Students are expected to be familiar with traditional planetary rulerships assigned to zodiac signs, planetary glyphs and Ptolemaic aspects.

  • If enrollees know the basic astronomical orientation of an astrology chart (i.e. the Great Circles and Personal Points comprising a natal chart), that would be helpful too.

  • If you don’t know this stuff, but still want to enroll, no problem. A general familiarity with natal chart fundamentals such as planets, identifying aspects like trines, squares, etc., is the main prerequisite. Please communicate your needs. Clarissa will provide students with pathways to learning chart fundamentals before the course begins.

    Contact Clarissa at with any further questions.

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About the teacher:

Clarissa has been practicing Vibrational Astrology (VA) almost exclusively for several years, since beginning a 2 ½ year apprenticeship program with the system founder, David Cochrane, in 2015. After graduating with a Professional Astrology Certificate (PAC) from Cochrane’s program in January 2018, she has been applying Vibrational Astrology interpretive techniques in every single professional reading and is continuously blown away by the accuracy of the system, as well as the enrichment VA provides to clients’ lives.

Immersed in the wonders of VA, Clarissa is also an active member of the Cosmic Cybernetics Research Institute (CCRI), where she aids in the advancement of research on the system with other heavyweight Vibrational Astrologers like Cochrane and Linda Berry. Together, CCRI astrologers continue to discover exciting developments in Vibrational Astrology theory and application, such as the meaning of prime harmonics, Berry’s modulus theory, the use of isotraps in interpretation and more. Clarissa, a student of metaphysics in general forever, is interested in traditional astrology too, with a major emphasis on studying Hellenistic and Horary methodology.

In addition to her work as a Vibrational Astrologer, Clarissa is a shamanic healer, tarot reader and Reiki practitioner who has served myriads of people by conducting hundreds of readings and healings in multiple settings, from living rooms to swanky formal offices and Halloween fairs.