As an ethical and highly professional practitioner, I will deliver healing sessions intent upon strengthening the client’s soul.

My Mission is to work with helping spirits to heal soul illness, boost the spiritual power of my clients and improve the quality of their lives.

Shamanic healing is specific to the soul; which has implications in many realms of existence, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and mundane day-to-day. Reiki healing is comparable in its curative effect in spiritual planes, and has similar implications in terms of the therapeutic effects for clients in their everyday lives, however, reiki deals with spiritual energy, not soul power. Spiritual energy and the soul often coincide, but they are not one of the same. Energy is ephemeral and the soul is eternal. Addressing maladies of the soul require a separate set of skills and abilities than energy healing.

My Pledge to Clients:

I will honor and respect you at all times, show up on time to our session, be fully present and ready to engage.

I will never disrespect any client based on race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age or any other type of social bracket. I honor the radness in everyone.

I will be honest. I speak the truth and will never stray from veracity.

The session is entirely confidential.

My Stance on Legal and Health Matters:

By booking a shamanic healing or reiki healing session, clients agree to absolve Clarissa Dolphin and Sidereal Soul of any legal or medical liability.

In my personal experience, in addition to feedback I’ve received from clients, shamanic and reiki healings are incredible forms of therapy that have been proven to deliver exceptional benefits, in many cases, causing improvements beyond belief. As a natural skeptic, I have often been blown away by the palpable positive effects of these beautiful, remarkable healing methods. However, these are not a “quick-fix” solutions and healing methods of the soul have implications beyond the capacity of rational thought. Shamanic work is just not logical; it originates from realms of the soul, which is beyond logic or what the human mind can grasp.

If appropriate, I will suggest the querent seek help from other qualified medical, spiritual healing, or legal professionals.

Fee Agreements:

All fees will be paid in full prior to the appointment and will be presented to the client before the session takes place.

All fees are non-refundable.

My Session Boundaries:

I will not perform sessions for anyone under the age of 18 without express parental permission.  

I will not perform sessions without permission of the client.

I will not perform sessions for people who are deeply troubled or insane; in these cases, I will refer the client seek help from other qualified practitioners.