As an ethical and highly professional practitioner, I will deliver sessions intent upon empowering clients to take action on whatever really matters to them in life.

My Mission is to empower others to empower themselves to empower others to empower themselves. Absolutely anything is up for creation, as whatever is desired for life is possible to manifest. My purview on the matter is that free will negates the existence of fixed futures.

Which is why, I'm not a fortune-teller, I'm a tarot card reader. Tarot is a tool for the present: to get clear on what's truly possible in whatever situation. Readings do often get predictive, but they speak to the potential future/outcome of the situation. To reemphasize, the querent is the author of his/her own life; the predictive elements of tarot card readings only allude to how the inquiry might manifest in the future.

My Pledge to Clients:

I will honor and respect you at all times, show up on time to our reading, be fully present and ready to engage with whatever inquiry you present.

I will never disrespect any client based on race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age or any other type of social bracket. I honor the radness in everyone.

I will be honest about the information presented to me in the cards and never "sugarcoat" anything. Of course, I'll deliver the interpretation with utmost respect, tact, enthusiasm and compassion, but there's no way I'll stray from veracity. I speak the truth.

The reading is entirely confidential. Details, contact information, or other sensitive session information will be only be disclosed if required by a court of law.

My Ethical Stance on Legal/Health Inquiries:

I am happy to ask questions about legal or health related matters, but querents should consult with qualified legal practitioners or medical professionals before acting on the advice of the tarot reading.

When asking about legal or health related matters, querents agree to absolve Clarissa Dolphin and Sidereal Soul of any liability on the results of court cases, medical procedures or anything related to the question posed.

If appropriate, I will suggest the querent seek help from qualified medical or legal professionals.

Fee Agreements:

All fees will be paid in full prior to the reading and will be presented to the client before the session takes place.

All fees are non-refundable.

My Personal Question Boundaries:

"Yes/No", "Should/Shouldn't", "Will/Won't" type of questions will typically be rephrased in order to create "action-space", where clients are leaders of their own universe and authors of their own lives.

Questions about third parties, i.e. "Is my boyfriend cheating?" or "Does my boss hate me?" will be rephrased into inquiries like, "What do I need to know about my husband's faithfulness to me?" or "How do I occur to my boss?".  This is because the tarot reading is about what's possible for you in "action-space": the place where you are the author of your own life and not a victim of circumstance.

I will not read for anyone under the age of 16. Teenagers under the age of 18 will have to secure parental permission.

I will not perform sessions without permission of the client.

I will not read on subjects of an abusive or perverse nature: i.e. revenge, hatred, violence, crime or abuse related questions. Of course, if you are a victim of trauma I'm elated and honored to address ways in which healing can be secured, but I will not be asking the tarot how a querent can effectively pull off a bank heist.