Written Vibrational Astrology Report

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Written Vibrational Astrology Report

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A Written Vibrational Astrology Report is a physical documentation of your soul wiring expressed through the natal chart. 

Vibrational Astrology is a groundbreaking system of interpretation in which planets are viewed as vibrating emitters of wavelengths and frequencies.

Over the past four decades, Vibrational Astrologers have used controlled research studies to successfully decode what a person is cosmically “wired for”. These techniques will be applied for your report.

The written report is more awesome than a live reading in some ways because you can review this document, which ranges from eight to 10 pages, at any time for any reason.

Here are the reports on offer:

  • Written Natal Chart Report (identifying singular strengths, talents, soul traits and abilities inherent at birth)
  • Written Forecasting Report (checking out to transits to see how the moving planets impact day-to-day life and important plans)
  • Combined Natal Chart and Forecasting Report (your comprehensive, extensive, full-guide-forever-for-your-life)

**Please allow one week, give or take a day, from the date of purchase for the report to be delivered.



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