Shamanic Healing


Shamanic Healing

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Shamanism is a profound healing and divinatory practice predating the establishment of human civilization.

The Shaman works with Spirits and travels through worlds to remove disease, heal, treat and empower the Soul.

A Shamanic Healing session is beyond next-level and can only be done in person. Extractions and Soul Retrieval are among the specialties offered.

If you are a first-time or established client and interested in requesting this service, please visit the Contact Page and submit an inquiry, or you can email me, Clarissa, here at

After an inquiry is submitted, I will contact you to set up a consultation to determine if I am the best healer for your needs. If I prove to be in sync with your healing needs and you choose to work with me, an appointment will be scheduled.

Serious inquiries only. Please reach out only if you are in genuine need of a shamanic session (i.e. you are unable to function in some way and feel crippled by an indeterminate spiritual force). These powerful healings are infinitely consequential. Shamanic medicine does not invite comparison to inner child or energy healing work. I only work with a limited number of shamanic healing clients annually.

~Clarissa xo

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Read Clarissa's Healing Code of Ethics here.