Quick Online Vibrational Astrology Readings — 30 or 15 Minutes


Quick Online Vibrational Astrology Readings — 30 or 15 Minutes

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With this Quick Online Vibrational Astrology Reading, our focus is concentrated on finding answers for a specific issue.

These 30- or 15-minute sessions are particularly useful for personal, career or relationship matters, but of course we're not limited to these topics.

Using the energy emitted by your personal planetary patterns, we'll get to the bottom of it – Holler!


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PLEASE NOTE, There are two separate processes involved in booking an appointment: scheduling on the calendar and making a payment.

To schedule an appointment, scroll down to the bottom of the page, select the service you want and book your preferred time for the session.

To pay for your reading, select the type of session you want from the drop-down menu below, add it to the cart and check out.

After your appointment is booked on the calendar and payment is received in full, I'll get in touch via email.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact me, Clarissa, at ssidereal@gmail.com

***Appointments booked without an accompanying payment will remain unconfirmed. To secure your session be sure to pay in full at least 24 hours ahead of the time scheduled, otherwise the appointment will be canceled.

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