Horary Astrology

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Horary Astrology


Important questions need important answers and Horary Astrology provides them in awe-inducing totality.

Benefit from a technique developed over the ages, with contributions from the earliest Babylonian astrologers thousands of years ago, to 8th century Arabic artist Masha'allah, medieval master William Lilly, and modern-day experts like Lee Lehman.

There are a few things to consider before requesting a horary judgment:

  • The question must be the first time you’ve asked it in a divinatory setting.

  • Having a personal investment in the question is essential, you’ve got to be involved in the matter somehow.

  • We’ll need to correspond a little bit before I draw up your chart to be sure I’m asking the exact question you want to ask.

Reach out today by emailing me, Clarissa, a certified horary astrologer, at ssidereal@gmail.com with your inquiry.

I’ll get back to you within 48 hours after receiving your initial contact message to discuss if I am able to prepare a horary judgment for you.

Please do not submit payment on this page until it is confirmed I can cast a horary chart for you.

I begin the judgment analysis once the fee for the service is remitted.

Thank you!


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