Hey Now!!! HUGE Welcome and Hello from Siriusly Sidereal xoxo

Happy New Moon Star People, what a wonderful day to launch this blog!

I, Clarissa Dolphin, am stoked to converse with you as we trek towards interstellar awesome together.

About myself: I’m a Reiki I attuned tarot reader, writer, shaman-in-training and metaphysical enthusiast. All things next-level consciousness related, I consume.

Clarissa Dolphin 2014, Photo by Kwithy Kat

As long as this blog exists we’ll be discussing things like:

  1. Aliens

  2. Mayan 13-Moon Calendar

  3. Astrology [Sidereal, Tropical or otherwise]

  4. Tarot [The oracular, traditional and extremely insane]

  5. Physics

  6. Healing [Theta, Reiki, all of the alternative above]

  7. Meditation

  8. Ghosts

  9. Shamanic Reality

  10. Ascension Growing Pains

  11. Archaeoastronomy

  12. Crystal-Gemstone magic

  13. Herbalism & Animal Medicine

  14. Interdimensional frequencies

  15. I Ching

  16. The Awesome that is the Expanse of the Universe

Thanks for tuning in, way stoked to be riding this frequency with you!

Much Love, Stay Up,

Clarissa xx