Clarissa Dolphin (BA, MA, PAC) is a Shamanic Healer, certified Vibrational Astrologer, Tarot diviner, Reiki Master, and writer based in Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in Dirty Laundry, White Hot, Broccoli City, Notion and award-winning Australian art publication FAINT. In addition to being an aesthetic dynamo rapt in the awesome goings-on of the international fashion, art and music scenes, she provides interdimensional readings and healings with an emphasis on leaving seekers present to their unique and profound souls. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2006 with B.A.s in English Literature and English Writing and walked away with a Masters in Publishing from the University of the Arts London in 2008.

In her spiritual sessions Clarissa utilizes extrasensory perception, communication with spirits, tarot, numerological elements, elemental dignities and over 20 years of astrology study to discover the ethereal energy at play in any inquiry. In addition to undertaking years of hardcore training under the tutelage of her own tribe of supernatural beings, she has expanded her knowledge by learning from masterful shamans at The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Clarissa received her Professional Astrology Certificate (PAC) of certification in January, 2018 from the Avalon School of Astrology after apprenticing for nearly three years under David Cochrane, the founder of Vibrational Astrology and master of modern harmonics. She continues to expand her knowledge of Vibrational Astrology as an active member of the Cosmic Cybernetics Research Institute (CCRI), where she aids in the advancement of research on the system. Clarissa is also a student of traditional astrology, with focused study in Horary and Hellenistic methodologies. Check out her blog for more insight on how she rolls.

"My mission is to reconnect clients with their Natural State of Awesome. Everyone goes home whole and powerful." ~Clarissa

Photograph by  katVizion

Photograph by katVizion